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Seeing our guests laugh, smile, and create long-lasting memories is the most rewarding part of helping host an event. Making sure that every small detail is taken care of and all your needs are met is of utmost importance to us. Seeing your love testimonials means we did our part and makes us smile from ear to ear.

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My sister and her fiancee just had an amazing wedding with the ceremony at Descanso Gardens (gorgeous) and the reception in Renaissance's Grand Ballroom. The ballroom is really nice--we had a few hundred guests and it seemed like it could have handled double that. The dance floor is huge and the decor is really classy with lots of different European influence, (pillars, art, tapestry-like curtains). Everything was really elegant and my mother (who handled most of the planning) said it was much easier to set up than the actual ceremony.

-- Alyssa B.

I absolutely LOVED Renaissance as the venue for my niece's graduation party. Her mother hosted it in the Crystal Ballroom (the smaller room to the left upon entrance) which was the perfect size for our family and most of her friends from her graduating class. The smaller room was actually nicer and more formal than the last couple wedding receptions I've been to! The dance floor, lighting and food made it seem like we spent a fortune! I would definitely be excited to go back for any formal event.

-- Karen V.

Renaissance Banquet in Glendale is an amazing event space. We made the right choice when we picked it, and not just because our wedding party took place there (and I am picky), but because all our guests complimented us on the venue (the Grand Ballroom), the food, the attentive service of its staff, and basically how smooth everything went. The night became about us and our beloved guests and we could not ask for more. A memorable night my husband and I will cherish for the rest of our lives.

-- Tina J.

I attended a wedding here and it was a beautiful banquet. The service was wonderful. Not only did the waitress offer to pour our drinks and food, but she constantly came and asked us if anything was missing. If we did need anything else, she instantly came to get it for us. The banquet looked fairly small but I think there were just too many guests. The temperature was on par for guests; I have been to many banquet halls which were ice cold inside and it makes the guests uncomfortable. I would recommend choosing this banquet if you have over 300 guests to provide for.

-- Bridget B.